If you have Shopify and Bsale, this is the integration you've been looking for.
We synchronize your stock, receipts and invoices automatically.

Synchronize Bsale with Shopify

It is installed in less than 1 business day and we give you a 30-day free trial.

Pricing, features and contracting

Synchronize Bsale and Shopify (Stock and tickets).

Control stocks and issue DTE automatically between Shopify and Bsale
1.25 UF/ month
Automatically issues ballots

Automatically issues invoices
(Implementation 3 UF)

Automatic sending of the DTE by e-mail

Advanced Tax Support (VAT, ILA, etc.)

Synchronize stock Bsale -> Shopify
You can even set up syncing from the same Bsale branch to two different branches in Shopify.
Advanced branch assignment rules
Example: Issue documents from multiple branches in Shopify in the same Bsale branch.
Registration of your issued documents
Screen with all your orders and tax document issuance status.
Retry failed documents
If you did not have stock in Bsale or the ballot failed, retry directly from our dashboard.
Capture Shopify payment method in Bsale
You will be able to see your exact report in Bsale to easily match payment methods such as FLOW, Mercadopago, VentiPay, etc.
Button to review SKUs and force synchronization
Just loaded an inventory? Force synchronization quickly and autonomously without the need to talk to someone.
1,000 orders per month included
0.5 UF per 1,000 additional orders
2 warehouses included
1 UF per additional branch
Net prices + VAT
Free trial 30 days, cancel at any time

Contract it 100% online

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need this?

Shopify is the best e-commerce tool, and Bsale is the best point of sale tool. With this integration you will still be able to control the stock of your warehouses from Bsale and you won't have to worry about the manual process of loading the stock. In addition, we will automatically generate the ticket in the branch of your choice and send it to the end customer.

Can I sync a Bsale warehouse to two different branches in Shopify?

Absolutely! The system is prepared for advanced branch assignment rules to suit your needs.

Can I issue tickets from two different branches on Shopify in the same Bsale branch?

Absolutely! The system is prepared for advanced branch assignment rules to suit your needs.

How often is the stock updated in Shopify?

Our system is instantaneous. If you change a stock in Bsale you will see it reflected in Shopify in less than 5 seconds.

Do you do invoicing?

Yes, the prices are net and you will receive a monthly invoice for the contracted service.

I do not want to pay by credit card

Contact us in the help chat and a salesperson will contact you.

How long does implementation take?

1 business day