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We store your stock

In any of our Dark Stores in Santiago.
We also store cold and frozen products.
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We connect AND ENLARGE your channels

Our software will take control of your catalog and inventory and keep it updated in all sales channels in real time. Our team will help you add new sales channels.
And many others...

Sell more with truly express shipping

We will deliver your orders in record time and you will achieve more loyal customers who will buy more, and more often.
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Channel: Shopify
We can use your own packaging and maintain your brand special needs.

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What our customers say

We will exceed your expectations

Our experience with Amplifica has been exceptional. Their personalized attention, along with their token status as a partner of our company, has been critical to our growth and success in the electronic cigarette market.
Juan Pablo Miralles
After many unsuccessful attempts looking for a technological partner to help us with the logistics we found Amplifica that has supported us from start to finish with a committed team and very good disposition; always looking to increase our sales.
Cristián Avilés