Order management
All your orders from multiple sales channels on the same screen.
Order Manager
Create and edit orders from other sales channels manually. Whether B2B, social networks, etc.
Manual order creation
Categorize your orders by Received, In preparation, Packed, Shipped, etc.
Internal order statuses
Review a complete chronology of your order with its changes and status tags.
Order log
Keep track of shipment status in the system.
Order shipment status
Connect your courier accounts and get the shipping label automatically from the system.
Integration with couriers
Add the order preparation status (Shipped or Delivered) to Shopify.
Synchronize shipping status to Shopify
Set up advanced internal redistribution rules to fulfill your orders and charge only 1 shipment to the end customer.
Sells with redistribution
Never stop selling. Sell unavailable stock with no delivery commitment and when inventory arrives assign the right courier to fulfill your presales.
Pick with mobile devices connected to a barcode gun directly in your warehouse and record order changes directly.
Picking module
Take photos before and after packing and record them in the order log to assist post-sale.
Picking photographic record
Deliver your orders to the courier by scanning their tickets and processing them as mass delivered when the courier picks up.
Delivery module
Sales channels
Integrated via plugin
Omnichannel sales
Integrated via plugin
Integrated via plugin
Integrated via plugin
Integrated via plugin
Uber Eats
Integrated via plugin
Rappi (Coming soon)
Integrated via plugin
VTEX (Coming soon)
Inventories and stocks
A warehouse is a branch that stores stock and connects to your sales channels.
Manage your e-commerce inventory in Amplifica and control stocks reserved for sale, packed for pick-up, etc.
Inventory management
Review the detailed stock movements of your system.
Stock Card
Sell through one channel and automatically update the stock available in your other sales channels.
Multichannel stock synchronization
Keep a safety stock that will not appear available for sale. Either for future subscriptions you have to ship, returns and exchanges, or whatever you deem convenient.
Manual reservations
Bsale Synchronization
Save the ticket number in Shopify and send the document automatically by e-mail as soon as you sell.
Automatic invoices type "boletas"
Map your branches and keep your inventories organized.
Automatic issuance of invoices
Send receipts and invoices issued to your customer automatically by e-mail as soon as you make the sale.
Sending of DTE by e-mail
Map your branches and keep your inventories organized.
Synchronize Stock Bsale -> Shopify
Issue your DTEs in Bsale with Shopify's exact payment methods to facilitate your bank reconciliation.
Synchronize payment methods
Manage shipping prices by community and define advanced discount rules.
Tarificador included
Controls more than one brand in the same system. They can have the same RUT or they can be different.
Multiple brands
Create user accounts for your team.
Create custom roles and access profiles for your team.
User roles

Basic Plan


2.5 UF/ month
For brands that are just starting to sell online.
0.5 additional UF 0.5 additional UF per warehouse, max. 3
Implementation of template 3 UF
Shopify only
2 included

Standard Plan


5 UF/ month
Growing brands looking to sell through more channels.
Bluexpress, Fazt, FedEx, ShipIt and PedidosYa
Up to 3 sales channels
0.5 additional UF per warehouse
Implementation of template 3 UF
Shopify only

Professional Plan


15 UF/ month
Control the entire order lifecycle in one place.
Changes during picking module
0.5 additional UF per warehouse
Implementation of template 3 UF
Shopify only
5 UF per additional brand

independent modules

Synchronize Bsale and Shopify (Stock and tickets).

Control stocks and issue DTE automatically between Shopify and Bsale
1.25 UF/ month
Automatically issues ballots

Automatically issues invoices

Automatic sending of the DTE by e-mail

Synchronize stock Bsale -> Shopify
You can even set up syncing from the same Bsale branch to two different branches in Shopify.
Advanced branch assignment rules
Example: Issue documents from multiple branches in Shopify in the same Bsale branch.
Registration of your issued documents
Screen with all your orders and tax document issuance status.
Retry failed documents
If you did not have stock in Bsale or the ballot failed, retry directly from our dashboard.
Capture Shopify payment method in Bsale
You will be able to see your exact report in Bsale to easily match payment methods such as FLOW, Mercadopago, VentiPay, etc.
Button to review SKUs and force synchronization
Just loaded an inventory? Force synchronization quickly and autonomously without the need to talk to someone.
1,000 orders per month included
0.5 UF per 1,000 additional orders
2 warehouses included
1 UF per additional branch
Try it free for one month!
Net prices + VAT
Free trial 30 days, cancel at any time

Commune pricing for Shopify

Set rates by city in Shopify with discount rules
0.5 UF/month
Everything from lite, plus
Unlimited shipping rates
Configure as many rates as you want
Promise of delivery by municipality
You will be able to configure your delivery times by community, and even offer SameDay deliveries with a cut-off time.
Backup rates by region
If the commune entered by the customer does not match the selected region, you will be able to define a special shipping cost per region.
Configure rates by weight range
Discounts on shipping according to cart value
Discounts on shipping according to products in the cart
Discounts on shipping according to destination location
Programmable discounts with start and end dates
Try it free for one month!
Net prices + VAT
Free trial 30 days, cancel at any time

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need this?

We created the Amplifica software from the need to cover multiple shortcomings when managing an online business. With this system you integrate your orders, inventories and shipments for a centralized and efficient management. You will offer fast shipping options, in-store pickups, you will be able to prepare your orders with multiple statuses and keep your inventories synchronized across all sales channels. Streamline your operations, reduce your costs and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Which systems are integrated?

AmplificaSync was born in 2020 as our software for the fulfillment vertical, so it has more than 15 integrations available. We are always working to add new integrations. If your integration is not available, we have an API so you can connect any system.

Do I need a credit card?

If you want to start using the services quickly, you need to register an automatic payment. You will receive a Chilean invoice at the end of the month for the services provided. If your credit card is an impediment, contact us to coordinate the signing of a monthly contract with the issuance and collection of an electronic invoice at the end of the month.

How long does implementation take?

Depending on the plan you choose for your business, the integration can take from 2 business days to a couple of weeks. In general our clients start using the services before the first week.