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Co-Founder, CMO

José Antonio Carvallo

Languages: Spanish, French and English (advanced).

José Antonio has been an entrepreneur all his life, from an early stage he has founded several projects and has also worked together with his father, who is also an entrepreneur and from an early stage has passed on his experience to achieve success.

His experience as founder of Le Vice Chocolat chocolate shop (Amplifica's first customer) allows him to know and identify customer needs, improving the offer and value proposition with a 100% focus on good service and quality.

José Antonio has a degree in Business Administration from the Catholic University of Chile, which gives him skills in management, administration, strategy and finance. José has been in charge as direct manager of a team of up to 30 people in his other ventures. Finally, he is a technology fanatic and has knowledge of programming and design, which will allow him to properly lead a technological team essential to scale the project through differentiating software.

Founder of the successful chocolate shop Le Vice Chocolat, which had 5 branches before the pandemic. Rapid reconversion of the business model during the pandemic, with the closure of 3 branches and a shift to the world of eCommerce and delivery. These movements made the company generate since 2020 a great growth, with fewer branches and lower costs, therefore a great increase in the profitability of the business, which denotes a great capacity for business resilience.

Amplifica has contributed significantly to this increase in sales, and was born as a spin-off of the chocolate shop.